Process OpenMail Command then Upload Data through Rest API

I could really use your help solving a 2 part problem I am facing. My goal is to have Ui.Vision press a “Send Email” value within google chrome which then processes the OpenMail command which in hand opens up my preset email client. The reason I need this information is that the software that I am using only provides a specific URL once an email has been sent through their product or through my own email client.

Problem #1 - Press submit then obtain the code found below:

<input type="submit" name="ctl00$NavigationPlaceHolder$sendLocallyBtn" value="Send Email" onclick="return OpenMail('','Your Custom Email Subject here','Your email content goes here which also includes the URL that I need to parse out %0D%0A%0D%0A Your email content continues on here" id="ctl00_NavigationPlaceHolder_sendLocallyBtn" class="actionButton" style="color:White;background-color:#4CAF50;width:120px;">

Note: I believe %0D%0A%0D%0A can be used as a reference point for the start and end point of the url as i believe that it is static on all client urls

Problem #2 - Upload this information into a simple rest API or us OCR API and send information to Integromat or Zapier for processing.

Can you add a screenshot to clarify the issue?

Hi Plankton,

Thank you for the help. It’s not really an issue it’s more or less finding a solution to parse out a single URL from an internal website. In a nutshell, the internal solution only allows obtaining the url through the following scenarios:

Option 1 (not an option that will work for me) - Send an email to the client through the internal solution the client receives the URL

Option 2 (this option needs to work) - The solution allows selecting the option to send the email through Outlook or the default email solution selected within Windows10. So when I click SendEmail the solution is asking to open up outlook. Ideally I would like to either send the email as webhook to integromat or parse out the data via Or another option would be to parse the URL from the source code I believe I found a static start and end text to define how to obtain the url needed. Either way I do not know the correct direction to go and have not been able to find someone that could offer me a solution. Your help would be greatly appreciated!

I updated the missing code on the intial post