Problems Downloading xmodules on Tor

I downloaded Tor and to my surprise the tor browser had an add-on for and called UI.Vision. It will work in browser storage mode, but when I switched to store it on the machine, it said some xmodules werent installed. I know for sure for a fact I installed them multiple times. The only successful way I was able to install was directly from the browser. I was going to try programming in selenium, but it doesn’t support automation other than through a browser. The browser could find a website with the tool, but I was wanting to work with local files for various reasons. Does support linux distro’s like tails, and other ones? I thought about using ubot studio in a virtual machine, but windows 10 spies on everybody so it’s not good since I’ll be uploading and sharing porn and such. I need it to work completely in tor before i dish out the 400 bucks for the good version of I already dished out that much on ubot studio and plan on making money with it very soon. I use different automation software for different things. Anyway please tell me how I could get the xmodules and other things I need for it to operate in tor browser while storing in local machine.

We have never tested on this distro. But our RPA software officially supports quite a few Linux distros: Ubuntu, OpenSuse, Fedora, CentOS and Redhat.