Problem with XTYPE || ${KEY_CTRL+KEY_V} ${KEY_ENTER} on slower PC

I’m running two computers.

On my laptop I can do
and paste the clipboard (including /r to give multiple lines - e.g. “text here for line1/r test here for line 2”
I’ve been using this successfully for several weeks.

Now on the slower computer dedicated to this macro I have to put my Xtype on 2 lines…

XType || ${KEY_CTRL+KEY_V}
XType || ${KEY_ENTER}

otherwise only the text up to the /r is pasted “text here for line1”

I’m using exactly the same code and webpages, synced via the cloud. Both using Chrome on Windows 10. The only substantial difference I’m aware of is the CPU speed. The laptop is twice as fast. (I’ve tried slowing the macro code without success).

Any suggestions or comments are welcome.

Hi, thanks for the post.

I agree that this is a CPU speed issue.

Putting the command in two lines (like you did) adds a small delay between commands - on the slow machine this helps that the computer has enough time to process each.

I’m now getting the same response on my faster laptop. There have been definite changes to the source code on the web whatsapp website as I’ve need to change the selector. It seems it’s the website code that’s got significantly slower and can’t convert the text & escape keys before the Enter? I don’t know if there is a different explanation, but making the ^V & Enter separate commands, does work.