Problem with file upload under Firefox, Xclick hit wrong place

I’m trying to automate upload a file in Firefox. As the type command for file uploading is not supported by Firefox API, I tried the solution recommended in docs, with Xclick command (Form Filling and File Upload with Selenium IDE commands - Tutorial).

The Xclick has problems with accuracy, but I solved it with click with id. The next problem was that ${KEY_ENTER} is not recognized. It works on the test site (keyboardchecker), but is ignored for file uploading window. bringBrowserToForeground or XDesktopAutomation set to true do not help. I found workaround here: Chrome update disabled the file upload feature? {"code":-32000,"message":"Not allowed"} - #2 by admin

But now again, the Xclick do not hit correct location so I’m unable to confirm opening the file. It clicks like 1 cm under the button and 2 cm to the right. My screen resolution is 1920x1080 so nothing custom, just HD. I’m really confused… so simple task and so many problems. Could you help me to fix this bug?

Firefox 100, Windows 10, if you need any other technical details, just ask.

Not that this is a solution, but can you run this in Chrome?

Yesterday, I was working with xtype to hit enter. The Bringbrowsertoforeground before {KEY_ENTER} was successful in Chrome but I couldn’t get the result in Firefox.

Theoretically I can, however it is not my intention. If nothing others work I probably will. In my case Bringbrowsertoforeground | true fix the issue with {KEY_ENTER} but only on the page, clicking in any dialog does not work.