Problem when computer focus to other browser

Example.While you play the Kantu on Chrome , you click on firefox to browse and leave Kantu run in background.After few minutes appears always this message to Kantu while stopping :
ipcPromise: onAsk timeout 3000 for cmd “PANEL_CALL_PLAY_TAB”, args {“ipcTimeout”:100,“ipcNoLaterThan”:3330837172472,“payload”:{“command”:“SET_STATUS”,“args”:{“status”:“PLAYING”}}}
Version is 8.0.1

Hi, can you post a screen recording of this issue? Moving the browser in the background should not cause such an error.

Hi ! Now i moved to latest version but this not work at all.Freezing while try to see the tab .Waiting for the new version.

Problem is fixed when i closed the browser and opened again (now tabs working) ! Ok i try now and i will post the result of tests of new version. Thanks !

Happen again with new version .
It seems happening only when i use it in Chrome and i open facebook on Edge .Not happening on when i open firefox (but not tested with facebook on firefox).
Maybe the reason is that Edge and Chrome, both are based on Chromium so when run together maybe conflict the extension ? Anyway this computer is not strong and is 32bit windows.Maybe i will test later on other machine.

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ipcPromise: onAsk timeout 3000 for cmd “PANEL_CALL_PLAY_TAB”, args {“ipcTimeout”:100,“ipcNoLaterThan”:3331030147696,“payload”:{“command”:“SET_STATUS”,“args”:{“status”:“PLAYING”}}}

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