Problem Selecting Item From Dropdown Menu (Bookmarks)


I am trying to create a macro and I need to open up a specific webpage in a new tab. Currently, I am using:

  1. Xtype (Ctr T)
  2. Xclick (To click on the bookmarks folder, which brings up a dropdown)

^^^ This is where I am having problems. It seems that xtype is not following the commands exactly. Sometimes, it will select the correct option, but most times it will be off by a few. It seems to be random which one it will select. I have had this problem before, while navigating dropdowns like this.

Does anyone have a better idea on how to open up and go to a specific webpage or select an option out of a dropdown?

Thank you in advance!

Can you please post a screenshot or a video of this situation?

@admin i believe I found the solution. Whenever you clicked on the Google doc, the curser would start at a different place on the drop down depending on where you clicked. I narrowed down the click target area and it works fine. Thanks for checking.

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