Powershell - Run again if error comes

@admin @ulrich Could I ask, if I only want to rerun the macro if it didn’t run, which part should I tweak in this powershell script, and how would I tweak it?
I don’t need it to be run 24/7, I only want it to be run when the error RUN_TEST_CASE came up.

could you please help me? @admin @ulrich ?
With the RUN_TEST_CASE error, I really need to do this one. I only need it to be re-run if there is no log file. I don’t want it to be run 24/7.

Please, help me with this.

no support? the script is from you guys and all I ask is just a bit modification, could you spare a few mintues? @admin @ulrich

You can check the $result value here:

$result = PlayAndWait DemoFrames #run the macro

If this is an error value (negative!), then re-run it.