Possible use case for openWindow?

The “openWindow” command is not supported by the Kantu Selenium IDE, as we have yet to come across a good use case for it (if you have one, tell us).


One of our products is an interactive multi-user system. We can usually (manually) test it on one computer by launching a few Chrome windows (instances), each associated with a different Chrome user, so that each window can log into our application as a different user. Then the tester can make entries on one instance and view changes on the other instances.

Is there a way to accommodate this in Kantu? I would guess that the hard part is launching new Chrome windows as different Chrome users.

Thanks for any suggestions.

You can useselectWindow | tab=open | URL to open a new tab

But since you need Chrome windows with different user profiles, the best solution will be to use the command line to open new instances of Chrome, each with its own user profile.

Hi Ulrich,

Thanks for the suggestion. I will give that a shot.

The only downside to that approach I see at this moment is that this solution is essentially one macro running independently per instance, which means the tests can’t make a change in one window and then look for results in another. The separate test results will have to be compared after to confirm interaction.

I will ponder this; the post-test comparison might be simpler than I’m imagining.