Possible to do an http post in javascript using storEval?


I would like my macro to post “silently” some results, i.e. trigger some javascript commands that would do an http post basically.

Is that possible? Or is that incompatible with some security measures that would prevent this in the extension?


The storeEval command can run Javascript commands, so http posting should work (but I did not test this yet)

I know, that was actually my point, to know if anyone had tested this :slight_smile: My concern is that maybe, within an extension (like Kantu), making network requests to something that does not belong to your domain (or the domain of the page) is not possible

The Javascript of storeEval runs in the context of the website. So it can do everything that the Javascript could do, if it were part of the website (that should include making network request).

As a test, you can check if it works in the Chrome browser console… if it does, then it should work with storeEval.

Great, that helps me a lot. Thanks!