Possible solution to error - ipcPromise: onAsk timeout 1000 for cmd “RUN_COMMAND”, args “[object Object]”

I have a macro that takes a couple of days to run. On my spare Macbook Pro I was getting repeated failures, always after a few hours, with Firefox (latest version, no other add-ons / extensions). The same macro running at the same time in Chrome, Opera and Vivaldi are ok and never get that error.
On my main Mac Mini and Firefox (also latest version), I’ve never had a failure due to this error.
I tried everything on the Macbook Pro - shutting down FF, restarting, clearing cache, clearing cookies, download and reinstall - all to no avail.
I’ve now done a complete removal of FF (including deleting all FF folders that don’t get removed during a deinstall). With a fresh, clean install it’s been running for over a day without error.

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In my opinion this is a random error, sometimes can showed without any precise reason.

Sometimes i see this error but there is not any error in macro and usually this error do not create any real error.

I know what you mean, @newuserkantu :slight_smile: Sometimes “random” is the best word to use when the cause is so deeply hidden that we can’t see the connection between cause and effect.
But it’s a computer - so we know it’s not really “random” :wink:

I’m hoping I’ve been able to help with my experience of how to prevent it happening.

If you want to try it for yourself, create a new logon account for your PC (Windows 10 or a Mac) and install the browser you’ve been having problems with. Then run your macro from that new account.

With a clean install like that, you’ll (hopefully) stop receiving the error.

If you do try it, maybe come back here and report on your results. If it works for you as well, it might help the team by pointing them in a direction to look for a root cause???

To solve this problem for firefox now i use a dedicated portable browser for ui vision and i disable HTML5, flash and images.

Ui vision work perfect and perform action in images not loaded and i more fast and do not show this error.

I think this problem depends on the speed of the internet, disabling images, video, flash the browser is more fast and i not see this error.

I never use browser installed, I use portable software only because i work in multi threads usually multiple browser in same time.