Popup won't close


After the latest update, the popup where the script is running won’t close when the macro finishes running.

Any suggestions?


Are you using the command line? Or what popup do you mean?

This one. After the macro completes its execution, the window won’t auto close.

You can use closeRPA=1 to close it after your macro completes

Its already closeRPA: 1 on the bookmarklets i’m using.

@admin The OP is correct, I tested as well and closeRPA: 1 is not observed in bookmarklets in the latest v6.1.1

Issue confirmed, thanks for reporting it!

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This issue is fixed in V6.1.2.

When can we download this version from Chrome Web Store? V6.1.1 is the latest version available, as of today. I badly need the fix.

The new version is in the Chrome store now, but I guess the automatic rollout has not started yet. To force an update immediately, click the “Update” button on the extension page:

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