PopUp vs Prompt vs Notification Command's and Use Cases

I read a few kb’s in the Forum and found some conflicting information on what works as of 2023 within chrome. That being said, can you shed some light on the following popup scenarios if they are available; if yes, how:

  1. Notification that shows up within chrome?
echo | hello! | #shownotification
  1. Pop-Up that only has an x to be closed out?
  1. Pop-Up that asks a question that you can enter in a value saved within Ui.Vision?
prompt | your text here@default value |	variable	

NOTE: The above command asks the user to input and stores the value in a variable. As well the following buttons show up CANCEL and CONFIRM, as seen HERE

  1. Pop-Up that is allowed True or False buttons that can change the outcome of the Macro being run?