Popup management

I have a first Chrome window. With Kantu, I click on a button. So a pop-up message is opened in a second Chrome window. I select this second window with selectWindow|title=XXX.I click in this second window.

I want to come back in the first Chrome Window to run the end of Kantu macro.
I try selectWindow|tab=0. It does not work (it was ok in an old version)
I try selectWindow|title=${cur_tit} where I saved the title of the first Chrome window in cur_tit variable.

How about selectWindow|tab=close?

For the second window ? When I click in the second window, it closes it. So selectWindow|tab=close does not work

Ok, I see. Then a screencast might be helpful to understand the options.

Or: Does it work ok if you use the DemoTabs macro test page? If it does not work on this page, then it is a bug!

DemoTabs macro is ok.

The difference between DemoTabs macro and my macro is that DemoTabs opens pages in new tabs and not in new Chrome windows like my script. In my script I have 2 instances of Chrome.

I have the same issue. My issue is related to a payment page and when paying with PayPal it opens a new chrome window where the user logs in to paypal and once logged in clicks to pay. The window closes and once the payment is successful the user is returned to the original window with a success message. But my macro will not play from this point forward with the error "Cannot read property ‘tab’ of undefined. I have tried to bring the original window into focus using selectWindow|tab=1, selectWindow|title=Thank you, and selectWindow|null…none of which work. Any ideas?