Populating Data to a CSV File

Hi All,

I’m wondering if data can be populated to a CSV file while a Macro is being being run that is pulling data from that same CSV file to run a series of queries…

I have 2 scenarios that I’d like to think about, in both of them I’d like to be able to return results to the CSV file as I’m searching and past that data into the column adjacent to the record it is searching.

For instance I have 3 email addresses in a column. My macro is plugging those emails into a form and searching for a result.

Can I:

  1. Return a Y/N value based on the return showing an image. For instance, the email is plugged in, the page shows the image “Hooray!” and the next function plugs “Y” into the CSV file in the column next to the corresponding row in which the data being used to query sits to show that it did find what it was looking for.

  2. Return actual images or text found on the resultant page to the column next to the corresponding row in which the data resides. In this case we’re finding “Hooray!” AND copying it to column B in the CSV file.

Basically, I see the screenshot and scraping capabilities and am just looking to organize that data as it being pulled.

I’m using the desktop version…

Thank You!

You can not write in the same CSV file while it is being read(*). What we usually to is to have SeeShell write a 2nd CSV file with all the data from the input file plus whatever extract data/flags you want to add.

(*) Well, you can if you use the API and e. g. Powershell or C#.

Ok, I can live with that.

Now for the how. If you can point me to where I can find that info it would be much appreciated.

Thank You!