Populate Date or Date + 1

Hello - I’m new to Kantu but has already saved a TON of time for the web based software I use to fill in production orders. Wish I had found it years ago! Love it so far and have set up multiple macros.

I have a few date fields in the form that are not static, and hoping someone can help me fill these in. Have tried CSS code and a CSV file, but can’t seem to get it.

I have a “start date” and “Due Date” field.

  1. I want the Due date field to simply default to today’s date.

  2. And the “start date” would be tomorrow (Today +1)

thank you in advance, james…

Not sure if I can post a screen shot but

You can use storeEval + Javascript to create any kind of date that is needed.

The page https://a9t9.com/kantu/docs/selenium-ide/storeeval has some examples for this.

Here is a line from my code. You can figure it out from here:

  "Command": "storeEval",
  "Target": "(new Date().getFullYear()-2000)+\"\"+((new Date().getMonth() < 10 ? '0' : '') + (new Date().getMonth()+1))+\"\"+((new Date().getDate() < 10 ? '0' : '') + (new Date().getDate() +1))",
  "Value": "startdate"

Thanks very much for the responses. I will give these both a try and attempt to edit the JSON file with this info.

Much appreciated