Plugin crashes/freezes

Using UI.Vision as a Chrome plugin. RPA 8.3.2
Chrome v112.0.5615.121

It crashes and hangs often and i need to restart the plugin
can happen when i try to delete an element, try to save my work etc.
The problem is sometimes reproducible.

Please advise.

The last error when the program freezed on me:

pup.js:15195 Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘target’)
at DashboardEditor.renderContextMenu (popup.js:15195:137)
at DashboardEditor.render (popup.js:15901:14)
at gi (vendor.js:160939:192)
at fi (vendor.js:160938:224)
at Rj (vendor.js:161020:490)
at Qj (vendor.js:161003:265)
at Kj (vendor.js:161003:194)
at yj (vendor.js:160996:172)
at vendor.js:160880:115
at exports.unstable_runWithPriority (vendor.js:167395:467)

Hi, can you please post a screenshot of this issue? This error message does not sound as it is from - we have no JS files with the name “pup.js” or “vendor.js”.

Here’s a screenshot. Nothing fancy, the page goes blank and hangs. I need to close the window and restart it.

Where can i find the application logs?

What did you do just before the crash? Run a certain macro?

You can terminate and restart uivision via the command line.

Different things. Sometimes it hangs when i try to delete a step, othertimes when i try to save etc… it’s random

Terminating and restarting via command line doesn’t help me. It’s easier to close the window and open it again. The problem is that all my changes since last save is lost.
Where can i find the application logs?

Very strange. We never heard of these type of crashes.

Chrome crash logs: Chrome Browser debug logs - Chrome Enterprise and Education Help

If there is anything interesting inside, please post it here.

The ui vision plugin also freezes on some pages with vertical scrolling like facebook.
When you scroll a lot and there are many elements on the page continuously ui vision freeze and firefox notifies that the ui vision app slows down the browser.
This happens to me on the facebook wall when there are posts from various groups, the further you go down the page the more it crashes, in the end it consumes all the ram and firefox crashes.

Browser Firefox 112
OS Windows 7
Ui vision 6.2.6

I too have been having this problem. Usually happens when I click on a macro to view it. Instead of opening the macro the entire IDE screen goes blank white.

I’ve discovered that if I right click to reload the blank white IDE page, the IDE returns but all variables are lost. None of my Global Variables are present. Its as if the IDE crashed (or was closed).

This is very frustrating as this happens quite frequently.

BTW I’m running the latest, CHROME and Ubuntu LINUX. However the problem seems to be the IDE

I also see this happening when I am running a macro, and while its running, I click on the STOP macro icon and it crashes immediately with a white screen.

This also happens when I save a macro after editing it.