Please upgrade your XModule plan

A free version evaluator asked us:

I am getting this error and not sure what to do:

Please upgrade your XModule plan

The free RPA version has limited hard-drive storage support. The main limitation is that it displays on the first 10 entries in the tree view on the left.

So if you already have more than 10 macros in this list, and then create a new folder named e. g. “Zoo-Test”, it will maybe be the 11th on the list - and thus not displayed. In this case the above message is displayed. It reminds users of the 10-file display limit. Otherwise users might think there is a bug in the software and files are lost.

If you would create a new folder called “123test”, it will be on the top of the alphabetically sorted macro list and you can see it.

Upgrading to PRO or Enterprise removes this limitation, and gives you full hard-drive storage support.


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