Please add the ability to switch the focus window or to start macro recording/playback in window that was last brought to front

This has been driving me absolutely insane. This happens with both firefox and chrome.

Example I just had happen: I have a window open that I am working on in firefox. I open the extension window to begin recording from that window. I press record. It grabs another window I had open with google sheets in the background and starts recording that. Why?

Or on chrome: I had two windows open, one would launch the second for me to work on. I start running the macro and it is erroring out. Why? Because it was trying to run the macro on the window that I had in the background.

The worst part is how inconsistent it is. I tried twice in the first firefox example. The first time I was able to successfully complete a recording. When I tried the second time IN THE SAME PAGE it would only focus on the other google sheets window. Nothing had changed - same windows, same URl, etc. The only difference was that I had input some things in the google sheet (with the frontend closed) and then went back to the window I was working on and opened the frontend again from that window by clicking on the extension.

The only way I can get it to work consistently is by using a dedicated portable version of chrome and only having one window open at a time.

Edit: Looks like the chrome version has been updated to show which window was in focus, which is a nice addition and definitely helps. Firefox is just behind on updates.

Honestly - I’d be more than happy to pay for the pro/enterprise version of UI.V if I was sure that it would help improve the product to the point that I’d be able to use it as a daily driver/replacement for imacros. It has already saved me hours of time. Unfortunately, this particular window/tab focus issue seems to be kicking around for at least the past year, and the UI.V community is unfortunately nowhere near the thriving forum & community that existed w/ imacros. Nor is dev communication particularly great - the announcements forum is 7 versions behind, the git hasn’t been updated in 2 years, the twitter is dead, etc. I have ported quite a good chunk of what I had in imacros to UI.V, but most of the time I end up just using the imacros version instead because UI.V will try to run the macro on a random youtube video in the background.

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