Pick values from csv

  1. Is it possible to pick both values xpath and testdata from CSV at same time?
  2. How to pick 2nd row values from CSV.
    Example : ${!COL1} - this command pick the value from column 1 and row 1. I wanna pick value from column 1 and row 2
  3. Is it possible to open an .exe file by using open command? or any is there anyother command available to open an .exe

Hi @Gowtham_Ram

For question 2 the reply is YES

You must use this command csvreadlinenumber to store the line number of csv, you can change it everytime in your macro.


For 3 question the reply is YES

You must use XType, open windows menu and after you can execute all software or files you want.

I opened the calc.exe with windows using Kantu and opened some batch file too.

For question 1 I don’t understand what you need, add more details

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Thanks @newuserkantu
Question 1: For a particular step we need xpath and testdata to automate. Instead of declaring everything in kantu ui under target and value, Is it possible to pick them from CSV?

Hi @Gowtham_Ram

For step1 i think it’s possible too because i stored xpath in variable and working well and i think it’s possibile to store xpath in csv too.

I stored xpath in variable to random click button (randomize some paths and click random button) and think is similar your case.

Csv working with variables ${!COL1}.

So while executing, Kantu can pick both target and value from csv for a step at same time ?

How about that? You can read let’s say 1000 values from csv one by one and then use them in any command “at the same time”. Makes sense to you?

However… I can’t let this pass. Why nobody reads the manual?

Not everything but the basics. That’s what you ask for.
You do not expect answer on this forum how to brush your teeth?

Sorry that you perceive the links to the manual as an offence but not help.
I will not answer to you from now on regardless of the complexity of you question.