Photos of old heat pump display


I’m trying out your service and I’m running in to some problems scanning photos of my old heat pumps display.
I have tried grayscale, inverting, gamma etc but can’t get it to work.
Is it even possible to OCR these kinds of images?

Best regards

OCR Engine1 can not read anything on such an image, but OCR Engine2 and especially OCR Engine5 work fine on such low contrast/LCD font images:

You can see that Engine5 can read at least the second line, and I guess with a better photo quality (less glare) the first line can an also be read:

Thank you.
I tried using different engines and got a decent result on engine 3 and a good result on engine 5.
Unfortunately, I got 1600 images and most of them has more or less glare and was hoping there was some parameter to tweak or such to compensate.