Personal Edition ($89) Direct File Access Limited to 20 Files?

I am trying to understand the plans here:

I bought the personal edition. To understand what is meant by “Direct file access” and “Up to 20*”, I did this:

  1. At the bottom of the Kantu Window, I set Storage Mode to File System (on hard drive).
  2. I recorded a script and saved it.
  3. Outside of Kantu, I made 27 copies of the script, with different filename for each json script.
  4. Back inside of Kantu, I refreshed and saw all 28 scripts.
  5. I ran one. No problem.
  6. I recorded an additional script and saved it. No problem.

I don’t see that there is any limit on direct access script files for the Personal Edition.


  1. Maybe I don’t understand " Direct file access - store macros and testsuites on your hard-drive; up to 20"?
  2. Mabe I did understand, but this limit is on the honor system. I.e. You can exceed the limit, just that you should not do it; if you want more than 20, buy the PRO Edition?

I hope you will tell me whether I understood or not. If I did not understand, please explain to help me understand.

Also, if I did understand, maybe you could add a feature in which Kantu counts the files. If the file limit is exceeded, Kantu should not store any more to disk and should not read from disk. A popup window should alert the user of the problem (exceeding the limit) and suggest options. Options would include, removing the excess files from the disk or upgrading to the PRO Edition.

I hope you will let me know what is with this limit.

Never mind. I just got the latest update released yesterday.

Works as I would expect. Everything is good.

The update only displays the first 20 files which is along the lines of what I would expect.

Thanks for asking, and yes, it is exactly as you described it :slight_smile: