Perpetual loop possible?


I’m using Kantu to press a certain keystroke after every 10 mins.
I created a loop that runs forever, but I keep running into the macro timeout.

Is there anyway to use Kantu to loop perpetually without running into any timeouts?

I used Kantu because of the XType function (I need to pass the keystroke to the system, and not the ‘browser’).
It works fine, except it doesn’t seem to be able to loop perpetually :frowning:


What about using a very high value for the LOOP button?

And in the macro you can add PAUSE | 60000 (10 minutes)

that won’t really work since it isn’t truly ‘perpetual’.
i’m running my loop ‘while 1 > 0’.
within this loop, it presses a key, and pauses 10 mins, then goes back to beginning of the loop.
but by the 2nd or 3rd loop, the macro would fail with ‘macro timeout’.
it seems awfully strange that kantu won’t allow the macro to run without timing out - i see no use case for implementing such time out (or not allowing an infinite value for it).

the macro would fail with ‘macro timeout’


store | 600000 | !timeout_macro

…that should solve it. But the best and rock-solid way for 24/7 automation is the command line, see also

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