pendingPlayingTab reset expired!

After the latest update of to version 6.3.2 none of my makros is running anymore… I run into this error when openin an URL via the open comman (the URL is accessable…):

pendingPlayingTab reset expired!

Seem like the interface looses the the link to the browser instance startet…

Any hints?? It’s important as is part of a more complex workflow…

“Name”: “sormas_emptysite”,
“CreationDate”: “2021-12-13”,
“Commands”: [
“Command”: “open”,
“Target”: “”,
“Value”: “”,
“Description”: “”

Does this “only” happen with your macros? What if you run one of the included demo macros?

Happens on all my scripts
Also happens on DemoExecuteScript

Seems to be related to Chrome only. I am testing now with FirefoxPortable (latest release) and for now my tests are promisng… Just checked that easy script… Will rewrite the scripts now and see what’s happening

fails at 1st line of script where command is “open”. Just does not seem to be communicating with Chrome

This works for me. Please try to uninstall UIVision and reinstall. Does this solve the issue?

Seeing the same issue!

Reinstall did not help for me… Switching to Firefox now. That seems to work

@Dave Do you see it also on the demo macros? On all of them or only a few?

All of them, trying to go back to 6.3.1 manually

Can anyone add a video of this issue? So far we do not see it here.

Is this on Mac, Linux or Windows?

It was Windows, I had to revert to the September release and disable hardware acceleration in Chrome, I will see if I can repeat the issue on another machine

For me it’s on Windows Server 2019.
And NO - switching to Firefox does not solve my problem as I start the scripts from a batch file as a scheduled task. In this case Firefox has no GUI so the macro fail
Running the scripts as a scheduldes task with Chrome it works perfectly. So we need a solution. And yes - as fellcroft said -obviously RPA is not communication with Chrome…

Sorry, I cannot upload video as I am new… :frowning:

I changed this for you.

I downgraded ad installed now UI.Vision V6.2.8 from the archive parallel to V6.3.2 and this works fine for me in chrome. But the question is… will this version be updated or does it remain installed and the new version 6.3.2 will be updated?
Sorry to say that Firefox does not work as it has no where RPA can place its commands (open website, enter username/passwd, do some clicks…). In chrome this all workes fine even when the user is not logged on…

I uploaded my video now but the screen is black… Are there any restrictions? It’s a small video (1444x900px), just some 300kb in size… But it works when you download the video :slight_smile:

No it did not.
however working with 6.2.8 with 6.3.2 installed but disabled

That’s my config as well… Hope 6.2.8 does not get updated …

No worries, we will not update it. However, it will stop working January 17, 2023, because by this date Google disables all V2 manifest extensions. It is also possible that some Chrome update breaks it earlier.

That’s good news!! So having 6.2.8 installed parallel to 6.3.2 (with 6.3.2 disabled) should be a working workaround…
And maybe next version 6.3.3 or so will fix this issue with missing communication between RPA and Chrome :slight_smile: