Paste from clipboard doesn't work

Hello ,

I’m using Desktop mode with Windows11.
When I try to paste from clipboard ${KEY_CTRL+KEY_V} doesn’t work .
The problem appears randomly but since my macro is using it quite intensively this means that I cannot execute it successfully anymore.
I can see in the windows clipboard the content I should past , so the problem is really with ${KEY_CTRL+KEY_V}.
It used to work fine until few days ago : I haven’t done anything special. I don’t know if this can come from some WIndows11 update that automatically runs on my laptop, however the issue is quite annoying.

Is anybody experiencing the same problem ?

Bets Regards


update : I tried to narrow down the issue.
The problem doesn’t appear when the content has benn loaded in the clipboard through a CTRL+C in a GUI item.
However it appears (randomly , I would say with a 5-10% miss rate) when the content has been loaded in the clipboard through a store | | !clipboard

Can the RnD team recreate the problem ?