Password encryption in seeshell

Hi Everyone,

I’m newbie with Seeshell and would like to ask how to encrypt the password that are being recorded. Thanks.

We have a password encryption feature in Kantu, but not yet in the SeeShell Browser. It is on our todo list.

For now, I recommend that you use Windows’ built-in file encryption (EFS) or Bitlocker to protect seeshell macros with sensitive passwords. Both methods are very secure and reliable methods to protect data and SeeShell works well with them.

May I recommend that you do not expect to save passwords inside the scripts but it is better to save them inside the browser, just like any other browser (indeed Chromium does that too). The reason is that some sites force users to change their passwords every so often (or one may forget and then cannot reset it to what it used to be). If this is the case it is easy to open the website manually in the browser and update the password rather than edit the script.
Thank you