Pass command line arguments from bookmarklet

I have a bookmarklet which runs a xfile macro. I need to pass cmd_var1, cmd_var2 arguments to that macro. How to pass command line arguments using javascript.

I want to run it only through bookmarklet.

Example script:
var evt = new CustomEvent(‘kantuRunMacro’,
name: “<Macro_Name>”,
from: ‘bookmark’,
storageMode: ‘xfile’,
closeRPA: 1

cmd_var1 is not yet supported via bookmark.

Can I ask why you need it in a bookmark? Maybe I have an idea for a workaround!

My flow is like this:
launch some dummy URL, through bookmarklet ask user (using javascript prompt box) which app url wants to launch and which credentials wants to use. Then pass these url and credentials to RPA script.

Based on the user input, I can switch which RPA script I want to run and also I can pass user inputs to that RPA script

In middle of browsing session also I want to do this. This is why I do not want to pass command line arguments from batch/shell script while launching browser

What about just using prompt and flow control in the macro to accomplish the same thing?

Can macro flow control pass parameters to sub flow? (sorry for newbie questions)

Variables will persist to sub macros so you can pass what you need