Pakage XModule Local OCR - 1 download and can run on chrome, edge, firefox? How solve error 101

Hi bros,

1, error101: I installed Xmodules, check OK- installed but not work (with 3rd choice inn addon -
I receive this.
Error 101: XModule OCR not found. → Did you install the XModules yet? If you did - and still see this error - please report the issue to tech support. (Local OCR is still in BETA).

2, I use 3 browsers: firefox chrome edge. when run this add-on, all of them show me error 101 and still run 1st, 2nd choice well

Please share me how to run Xmodule local OCR?

Thank you so much!

Hi, is this on Windows, Mac or Linux? Local OCR is not yet supported on Linux.