Overwrite lines in existing CSV file

I’m wondering if there is a way to overwrite specific lines in an
existing csv file with new data? I would like to have a csv file that gets periodically updated from the data that is scraped by the macro, and would rather not have to delete the old file and re-run the macro (would rather loop the process). Is there a way to set the csvSave command to overwrite a specific line or start overwriting from a certain line in the file? I notice that the command always starts writing at the bottom of an existing file. Or is there another workaround to this type of problem like a command to automatically delete the file after a loop? Thanks!

Actually ui vison can only add new line in csv but can not edit o delete existed lines.

I delete or move lines of csv launching a batch file (launching via xrun command) but ui vision have not any command to edit o delete lines in csv.

Thank you @newuserkantu! I will try the batch file approach

Thanks to you enjoy ui vision is a fantastic software to automate

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