Out Of Memory crashes plugin

Happens on a regular basis. Have to restart Chrome because the plugin crashes.

Was a macro running when this happened? Is so, which one? This is the first time we hear about it.

It mostly happens when I run a Macro but it can also happen while editing. Sometimes when I am working on something different a balloon will pop up on my task bar saying the Selenium has crashed.

I don’t know if it is related but I also have an issue with the UI.Vision interface lagging when I type. It is actually very annoying. I have a fairly fast computer (AMD Ryzen 5 4 Ghz) running win10 so I doubt that is the problem (I got a crash now as I was writing this).

I will try to remove and reinstall the extension. Maybe that helps.

Make sure you do not run macros for more than a few hours without browser restart. This can be automated, see Chrome is getting crashed after running the Macros 24/7 from command line - #2 by User9898

uninstalling the plugin and reinstalling seems to have fixed the issue. Thanks for the feedback.