Open Page(once), Print, Click Next & Print(repeat until pages end) - Can This Be Done?

Hi All,

I just came to know about the awesomeness of automation in browsers. I have a link that is not public and will need a login to be accessed. It’s going to have a book on it with multiple pages. All I want to do is to save all the pages of that book using Save as PDF option of Chrome. This is how I think the flow should look in theory:

  1. Open the webpage - only once.
  2. Click on Print. A window will open with default option - “Save as PDF”. Click on OK.
  3. Enter the filename - 1 (for the first iteration)
  4. Click on Next Button
  5. Repeat step 2.
  6. Repeat step 3 but with a different filename (2 for second iteration, 3 for third, and so on).

I tried my best to do it but all sorts of errors got thrown at me like “still same ipc secret”. So before trying to learn the automation, I wanted a feasibility report. Can someone please let me know if my requirement is feasible with this tool?



Your workflow itself is fine. But “Save As PDF” is a feature of the web browser itself, not of the web page (inside the browser). Thus you can not use Selenium IDE web automation commands, you must use RPA desktop automation commands like XClick and XType.

Thanks Ulrich. I checked XClick and XType and they seem to be the solution for this.