Open first entry containing a link in a dynamic table

Dear all,
I checked the forum for my problem and found somehow solutions which are either not suitable, or most likely, I dont understand them due to lack of knowledge.

So I would appreciate any help for me…


  • using to create JSON macros in ff browser
  • the site does contain a dynamic table
  • this table is updated by the system when a new search was fullfilled
  • once the search is done, the new entry will show an “open” button in the top of the table which I do need to click
  • so: I want to click the first “open” (hence the newest) button in this dynamic table
  • the id of this “open” button will change with every new entry in the dynamic table

Any ideas please ?

kind regards

can you share the url?

Unfortunately not - its an intranet webpage …

then use xclick with desktop automation mode