Open excel in a certain location (powershell), make updates to excel with desktop automation, activate button macros

I want to go to a specific folder destination (C:\Users\Thomas Pitera\Downloads) and open an excel file test.xlsb
My thought was to do this with powershell
I then need to input variables in coln 2, im thinking with either xclick or clickAt And then xtype
I then need to click a button that i created in excel sheet that runs vba in the background (xclick or clickat?)
Any advice or assistance you could provide i would appreciate it. I dont yet have any code written because of the high complexity, I have attached a sample excel file with a macro button and where to input variables

It’s very simple to do with another way, i do not use powershell because need installation and more time to create code, i prefer fast and working solution

I use this solution work with all type of files and it’s easy to create (for windows)

After you open windows menu you can run any software in fast way.