OnError #goto: different macro

I am running about 10 Macros in conjunction to one-another. I have one main Macro that will often “run” another macros to preform a task then continue on:

  • Main Macro
    • Sub Macro 1
    • Sub Macro 2
    • Sub Macro 3…

“Main Macro” runs first, and includes:

  "Command": "onError",
  "Target": "#goto",
  "Value": "errorReport"

 .... rest of macro ....

  "Command": "label",
  "Target": "errorReport",
  "Value": ""

Is it possible when a “Sub macro” is running and errors, to #GoTo the label in the Main Macro?
At the moment when an error happens in a Sub Macro, I get the below logs, but the #GoTo doesn’t work.

  • [status] onError - about to goto label ‘errorReport’

In summary, when an error is triggered I want to jump to another macro at a certain point, is there a good way to achieve this?

Thank you!