One loop macro & one macro every X times loop

Hello :slight_smile:
I have a loop macro with a CSV file where there are thousands of lines.
In every line there is an URL of a website.
So I have a macro that could do the job for all the thousands of websites.
No problem with that :slight_smile:
But I whould like to introduice one other macro inside this loop every time the macro does the job 150 times.
I mean, if the macro would be :slight_smile:
1/ read the csv file
2/ open the URL
3/ click on the logo
4/ return in the beginning and do the same thing

I would like, every 150 websites, introduice a macro that open an URL (no CSV needed), and click several times on this URL.

So, because I have thousands of URL, I need to do this second macro several times.

Does someone could help me to introduice this new ponctual macro please ? :slight_smile:
Thank you so much

This post was similar to your request:

You could store a value that counts up to 150 then have an if command that performs your new command and resets the count.