onDownload/true doesn't wait for download to finish and doesn't rename properly

Hello guys. I have a problem with the onDownload function on Chrome. I set it to change the name of the download file reading it from a CSV. I have 3 files that are being downloaded from a single page which i want to rename to their corresponding columns. The first issue is that when i run this in a loop of multiple pages after the 2nd or 3rd loop the renaming stops working properly. Only 2 of 3 files are being renamed and the other one downloads with the original name. The other issue i observe is that the onDownload / true doesn’t wait for the download to finish before continuing to the next command. I’ve tried the onDownload demo macro and runs well. Also i’ve tried separating the 3 downloads from 1 loop to 3 different loops but the renaming issue is still present. Any advises here? Here is the ondownload code:

  "Command": "onDownload",
  "Target": "${date}-${!COL4}",
  "Value": "true"

// {date} is an attribute i get from the page where i download the files from and {!COL4} is the column from the CSV where i get the desired new name from.

Hi, can you please retest this with the new V5.6.5 version?

I will try as soon as the version is released for Chrome since the Firefox onDownload is still not fully supported in Firefox.

Ah, correct - ondownload is limited in Firefox.

Can the new 5.6.5 version be installed manually to Chrome or to the new Edge Chromium? I need this onDownload function to work as soon as possible but the update you mentioned still haven’t appeared in the Chrome extension store :confused:

Hi, yeah, the Chrome store review process is very slow these days. But the new version is available already in the Edge store: https://microsoftedge.microsoft.com/addons/detail/goapmjinbaeomoemgdcnnhoedopjnddd

Also note the new variable: !Last_Downloaded_File_Name (read only) Get the name of the downloaded file. This requires ONDOWNLOAD to be inside the macro.

Unfortunately this version behaves the same. Random files are not being renamed and also the onDownload = true doesn’t wait for the download to finish before continuing to the next command.

Ok, then we need a test case from you. I tested the download automation with the files on 7zip.org and all works fine. => Can you post a test macro, please?

Once we can recreate an issue, we can often fix things fast.

Kill me now o.O I just saw that the demo has the onDownload command before the Click command and i was doing the opposite - first click and then the onDownload command. Now the macro waits for the download, i will see now how it handles all the 200 files i need to download with appropriate name. I will keep this topic updated for future needs.

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Is ondownload working for FF yet? I don’t seem to be able to make it work on FF. Or is there a work-around?