onDownload doesn't wait for file download to finish

I have a macro where I need to download multiple files from a site. The code snippet looks something like this:

  "Command": "onDownload",
  "Target": "some-file.zip",
  "Value": "true"

The macro needs to iterate between multiple options on a dropdown menu to grab different files, and I need to wait until download’s finished before moving to option (the menu is disabled during download). I thought setting “Value” to true would do this, but it doesn’t wait.

The “Target” setting works, letting me rename the file download as expected.

I’m working on Mac/Chrome - not sure if it matters.

Can you please post a test macro, maybe with the 7zip.org website, or any other public website?

I solved this by creating a loop that paused then checks against an on-page indicator on the completion of the download, so I’m ok now. I’ll come back and post examples if I run into this elsewhere.