On touchscreen, touch, double touch for zoom and unzoom actions

I use Seeshell on a specific intranet application with a linux web server and a windows client fitted with a touchscreen.
Some actions don’t work like touch, zoom and unzoom.
To replace touch, I use click function which usually works correctly.

I’m trying to use scroll up and down functions to zoom and unzoom. It’s OK on Google maps but not on my intranet.
Is there any solutions to do zoom / unzoom actions ?
Have you scheduled on your roadmap the capability to use touch and double-touch actions ?

Yes, improved touch support is planned for 2019.

A few questions:

  • Are you using SeeShell Desktop Automation or Web Automation (SeeShell Browser)?
  • Is your Intranet app a web app?
  • If so, can you find a public website or demo page that shows the same issue? This would allow us to debug and fix the issue quickly.

I’m using web automation (SeeShell Browser).
The intranet application is a web application (java langage) with chromium webbrowser using in the central part a GIS canvas based on openlayers application.
There’s often in websites a scrollbar on the right. The page goes down with the command “scroll downpage” and the zoom is not done.
I’m not find any site for the moment.

As a test, can you see if using Kantu + Real User Simulation XModule works better for you? It usually works great for testing canvas elements.

There’s often in websites a scrollbar on the right.

I assume XType | ${KEY_DOWN} helps here