On some types of input fields string type value is not recoginized until pressing SPACE button

Hello team,
on my web site, when I’m using TYPE command to put STRING or FLOAT value in the INPUT field of TEXT type, I have to manually put coursor in this field and press “SPACE” button to be able record the page, otherwise the javascript validation does not recognise the value and behaves as if the input field was empty.

May be solution will be to automatise putting coursor in the field and XTYPE with ${KEY_SPACE} ?
But ${KEY_SPACE} does not exists!
Or mey be you know some other workaround?

This is xpath which puts the value in the input field:
“Command”: “type”,
“Target”: “//label[contains(text(),“Cash encaisser chez passager”)]/following::input[1]”,
“Value”: “${grand_total}”

Best regards.

Hi, can you share a link to the website?

When you manually enter text, do you need to use the space bar as well?

No when I enter the text manually I don’t have to use space bar, I just click everywhere outside the field and I see that the text in the field has been checked by some javascript or something, I tried to reproduce this click outside but I did not succeded. .
Because the site in question is an Odoo ERP, and I have some onchange events linked to those fields (if I put or change the value in this field, some other field will change its value also) I think the cause is here.

As for url to my site, the part of the site in question is not accessible to the public user (it’s a back end side) and if you want to see the fields in question you have to be granted with user id and password.
So I can send it to you in private message, just tell we how to do this.

Thank you.