On new version 5.8.8 software crash on verifyElementPresent command

Hello.I just use the latest version 5.8.8 and i see that after around 30 minutes of working, finally software always freezing on specific command verifyElementPresent and not responding .Then on top side of software window there is the line “waiting for element” and then system stuck.Need to close the software and open it again otherwise is not responding.
On settings i have set to continue software on next command if error is happen .This is not browser issue.The element is there but even it would not there, this should not affect the software finally.
The same command is working good for the first 30 minutes.Then when return to it, software crash.

Well, this problem seems is not related to verifyElement or is not only related to it.I mean software also can freeze in random positions and not only to verifyElement order.
So is not related to latest version 5.8.8 because this is a known problem also from previous versions but just i didn’t report it.
The only detail i have about it is that can freeze at random time and not after 30 minutes.Sometimes maybe will freeze after many hours or days for example after 20 hours or 2 days.So is not a problem of this version.And we don’t know what conditions affect it.Maybe is not problem of software, but a Firefox or Chrome problem.

Yes same here.Software freeze.Then a message that “window (of kantu) is unresponsive” and need to close and open the Kantu.But why you restart computer ? I think is no need.Also i start manually the script.No command line.At last version also i meet another problem more often.“Kantu is not connected to browser tab”.I start the Kantu from already opened tab and a link in it but this does not make sense.

Please see: https://ui.vision/rpa/docs#247

Thank you very much.It seems useful.I will try to use it.