Offline use: How to install UI.Vision RPA on a machine without Internet access

From a user:

Our team is evaluating UI Vision as a testing tool some of our Army products. We are struggling to get xModules to installcorrectly in a disconnected environment. We are using Google chrome version 97.0.4692.99 and UI Vision version 6.3.3.

The machine is windows 10. We were successfully able to install chrome offline, and then UI Vision to that chrome using an unpacked extension with chrome in developer mode.

The issue lies with the xModules installer. We have run the installer as a local user and elevated user, with no success. We have also tried the non-binary xModules installation using the batch script “1install”. We cannot get UI Vision 6.3.3 to recognize the xModules installation at all. There were no errors during install.

The issue is that if you install UI.Vision from the unpacked Chrome extension, Chrome assigns it a different extension ID and the XModules does not find it.

There is a way around this by editing the XModule installer and changing the list of allowed extensions IDs, but the by far easier solution is to use Firefox. Firefox does not change the extension ID of local (non-store) installations. Thus we recommend Firefox for offline use:

(1) Download & install Firefox or Firefox Portable

(2) Download & install the UIVision XPI file from here: Archive - UI.Vision RPA Software

(3) Download & install the XModules (you have already done this step, no need to reinstall)

In step 2 the installation is easy: You only need to drag and drop the XPI file onto Firefox’s addon page and you are all set. Once you installed that, the XModules should show up in the Firefox extension.

If you want to use Chrome and/or Edge please insert the new extension ID in the ZIP installer as described here, then re-run 1install.bat (Windows) or (Mac/Linux).