OCR Table Line-by-line processing in IDE

Hello, I’m trying to enable the “line by line” one column mode with OCR using ui.vision chrome extension.

I’m having trouble on how to extract the ocr’d table into a csv file or loop through line by line in the ide. The OCRExtract successfully returns the table contents but it puts it into a single variable with linebreaks (i.e. Row1\r\nRow2). What is the best way to convert the contents of this variable into a csv file (or a line-by-line processing) so it can be easily used in another step?

Any example would be great since the documentation (https://ocr.space/tablerecognition) doesn’t specify the best way to loop through line-by-line the table results… Thank you.

I just see this post now. Do you have an example table, website or screenshot for us?