OCR Space TimeOut And No SearchablePDFURL in JSON Output

Dear Support Team,

I am having PDF Pro Paid version of Ocr.space but I am facing two issues that have severe consequences on our application. The issues are as follows:

  1. The Ocr.space is not always returning the “SearchablePDFURL” key in JSON response which has a value containing URL to the searchable pdf which we can download. I have tested it using our application as well as a postman. For the reproduction of the error, try hitting the Asian endpoint multiple times continuously with parameters as attached in the below screenshot.

  2. The paid endpoint “…pro3.ocr.space” is not available sometimes and our application program returns the error that “Max retries exceeded”. Please read the yellow highlighted text in the below-attached Screenshot. This is very problematic for us, please let us know what was the problem behind, why wasn’t the server accessible and what is the resolution of it?

Thank you for your cooperation.

Best Regards,
Luksh Kumar.

The Ocr.space is not always returning the “SearchablePDFURL” key

This was an issue on the PRO3 endpoint. It is fixed now!

If at any time a certain PRO endpoint does not respond (here: PRO3) we recommend that your script automatically calls (= fails over to) another endpoint (e. g. PRO2) instead.

We use such an automated failover for example in our own free screenshot reader browser extension. Source code here: https://github.com/A9T9/Copyfish/blob/1cbce8558c63c55cf79223cf741757835510fe78/scripts/background.js#L178