I am using trial version and sometimes it does not convert. Also, some pdfs are not accepted. It has something to do with not being on PRO. Anyways, the PRO subscription link is not working. Thank you

See my answer here: Space API Not working for Adobe Scan PDFs - #2 by ocr-api-team

Also, what link is not working?

If our main store (powered by Fastspring) has problems accepting your payment, please use our backup store (powered by Paddle, a UK-based e-commerce company):

Usually all payments that are refused by Fastspring work just fine with Paddle.

I meant that the pro pdf purchase link on the main website is not working. Yes, the backend payment link works but I will check if it accepts Indian cards

The regular PRO PDF API Subscribe Link works for me, too. So you can use Fastspring or Paddle, whatever works better for you.

Please check. The link is not working

Hi, please see this post: OCR.space Payment link not working