hi i use ocr space to devlop discord js bot
so when i use the bot using my pc it’s work normally
but when i switch to the hosting (bot-hosting.net) it’s work but sometimes it’s give me the next error

data: 'You may only perform this action upto maximum 180 number of times within 3600 seconds'

Error during OCR: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘ParsedResults’)

it’s long msg but i think that the most important part from it

any help

You (or the tool you are using?) is using our free OCR API and has reached its hourly limit of 180 conversions per hour.

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Yea I use the free one, but i believe that i didn’t search the 180 request

The bot was offline
Today i run it, it’s process the first request, but it didn’t work for second request

Are you using your own key, or is this a shared key inside a library?

Yes i use my own api, and i don’t share itz but probably i think i fix the problem the api wax working on my pc but in the host it’s don’t Work (sometimes work) so i change the hosting and currently (after 1 day i didn’t grt that error yet)

Thanks u for helping