OCR scraping automation

Hi all,
I’m completely new and I was looking to webscarpe pages and running automatically in background. I tried some software like Octoparse and others but it seems they have some problem in scraping flash content.
So I concluded that the best thing should be an OCR since the data are simple numbers shown by the flash websites.

I would like to have something that
-automate (in background running on the pc, in cloud or anything that doesn’t make busy my pc)
-flow (click and input from keyboards)
-OCR the webpage
-Copy data obtained somewhere like an excel document
-Repeat and update that document every x minutes

Is that something possible? If yes can someone guide me?

Yes, you can do OCR with UI.Vision. See here: https://ui.vision/rpa/x/desktop-automation/screen-scraping#ocr

You do know flash is end-of-life

Hi, thanks for your answer.

Yes I know flash is dead but the thing I’m interested are still on flash for now and web scraping is not effective.

This will work in background and I can still use my pc for other things?

No, this is desktop automation and need always focus on screen, you must not use the machine but you can install a virtual machine and run the macro in virtual machine and you can continue t use your real machine.

Remember you can usee with free plan anly 25 command per macro for desktop automation Xclick/Xtype and 100 conversion OCR per day.