OCR recognition of file names (RPA software)

Hello everyone,

I would like to know how to improve the character recognition on the tool?
What name should I give to my files so that they are better recognized during the recognition phase?

I do my test here:
And in production I use “ocr=” on the UI.Vision RPA scripting

Thanks in advance.

The file name does not influence the recognition. But if you post a few sample images, then we can test them for you.

Sorry my explanations were not clear enough.
I use the ocr= function to do character recognition so that UI Vision is able to click on the correct file name.
So I wanted to know what was the best way to name my files so that recognition could be done most easily (with the best result).
I use this function:

Ah… like for example click on file names inside Windows explorer?

My suggestions are:

  • Use regular letters and avoid special charaters like +*# etc.

  • Avoid letters and numbers that are confused by OCR, for example the number 1 and the letter l can be tricky. See the screenshot below.

  • If you can, using all caps might be helpful (just a guess, not tested)

  • Experiment if engine1 or engine2 work better for you (Usually both engines work well for screenshots. But depending on your font, one might work better then the other.)

If you still have OCR issues, please post a screenshot of the problematic text(s) and we can help further.

ocr of i and 1

Thanks, these explanation helped me :slight_smile: