OCR is not being performed for API calls and document URL


Hello everyone,

I hope you are all doing well. We have been utilizing free online OCR for our document scanning and conversion needs on the https://ocr.space/. However, we have encountered some issues that require support.

One of the issues we have encountered is that when attempting to upload a document URL instead of an image or PDF file into the OCR tool, we receive an error message. This prevents us from utilizing the tool with online documents and restricts its functionality. Additionally, we have been facing challenges with OCR processing when using the tool through API calls. Despite following the required parameters and making the appropriate requests, OCR is not being performed successfully.

Please find attached screenshots of error messages that demonstrate the issues mentioned above.

I would greatly appreciate any guidance, suggestions, or solutions to help me overcome this challenge. Thank you in advance for your time and support.

Best Regards,

Hi, can you please upload your test file? Then we can test it here.

If you prefer, you can also email the test file to team AT ocr.space. In your email, just mention this forum post.

Hi, if we are uploading file directly in the “Upload image or PDF file (.png,.jpg,.webp or .PDF)” field on free online OCR page then it is working. But if we trying to provide URL in the “Paste url to source file (.png,.jpg,.webp or .PDF)” field on free online OCR page then it is giving error. Also if we are trying to make API call then also it is showing error in the ocr processing.

Please find below URL which we are using to upload in the online OCR URL field in order to get the result: