OCR from same location every 20 seconds

Hi y’all, have a very specific need and I wonder if Copyfish can do it, maybe via the API.

When I play a browser based game, the score is always displayed in the same place in the top right corner of the screen. The score changes about every 30 seconds, but it can be as quickly as 20 and as long as 45 seconds. It depends on how well the player does. The bottom line is I want to capture the score every time it changes. Can I do that somehow with Copyfish?

Once I capture the score I want to post to a database via my API, but that can be as simple as passing the score in as a URL parameter such as …mypage.jsp?score=123…

I thought maybe it could be done with the API, but I don’t see anyway to pass a screen location to the API. Does this sound like something I can do with Copyfish? Thanks for your help.

Hi! Copyfish can do not do this, but our Ui.Vision RPA software can do it. Like Copyfish, it is free to use and open-source :slight_smile:

The challenge is that the RPA software is a bit more complicated to use, but very powerful. The command you need to look at is called OCRExtractRelative. It allows you to create a macro automation, that extract this score via OCR and then check if it has changed. If so, save it to file or alert you (whatever you need).

post to a database via my API,

Ui.Vision can also call web apis.