OCR for (single) digits

Hi there,

‘OCREngine’: 2 is active, is there a way to improve the quality (e.g. expect only numbers and dots)?


Could you please post an example of what you want?

New118_2019-12-02-2ICHISCREENERMDAX2 New109_2019-12-02-2ICHISCREENERMDAX2 New89_2019-12-02-2ICHISCREENERMDAX2

Yes, these are some example digits. Before I send the pictures via api, I increase the resolution 6 times

Any news for me? Is it possible to train the engine with these pics?

This should have worked ok if you use engine2 for number OCR. I enlarged each image by 600% and the single digit number was OCR’ed ok:

My test images:
600-black 600-red 600