OCR Engine 2 Seems Bugged

I keep sending an image from here: https://devl06.borugroup.com/mvadev/phoneapi/scanimages/test.png to OCR Engine 2
url: https://devl06.borugroup.com/mvadev/phoneapi/scanimages/test.png

OCREngine: 2

And i ONLY get returned 3 random values of:
1.720.651, [O0002463, or ‘’

But if i switch to OCR Engine 1, I get the right parsing?


What gives on that

I need the OCREngine 2 because some of the images DO have decimals and dashes but i dont know why OCR Engine 2 is acting up all of a sudden

Figured it out
the server that serves that png file is cahced through cloudflare so the OCR was receiving cached data